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The Joys of Practicing Discomfort

How comfortable are you in your life right now?⠀

I have decided to practice discomfort. Let me explain.⠀

I’ve been in a pretty good comfort zone the last 5 years. I became a teacher, love my job, family is good, etc... Life is good. ⠀

But, there was this small flicker of light ahead of me tempting me to MORE. And I wrestled with myself- why would I work towards more-personally, professionally, physically, spiritually- if life is good?⠀

I am so done with being good, comfortable and safe. I want the MORE.⠀

And the only way for me to get there is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And the only way to do that, is seek out opportunities and PRACTICE.⠀

Practice- I love you. You let me try things out and let me know this isn’t about mastery. You welcome me in with maternally, warm arms letting me know you’re just glad I’m here. You tell me to just show up and keep an open heart and mind because whether or not I see it that open heart and mind will grow more now. ⠀

So I find ways to practice.⠀

I want to be disconnected from my beauty, so I practice wearing less makeup.⠀

I want to grow as a photographer, so I practice new concepts ideas, plans and style, never just staying with what I think I know.⠀

I want to embrace the changes in my body, and even with a long-term shoulder injury I continue my yoga practice and show up for the practice that blesses me far more than just physically.⠀

I want deeper spiritual growth so I wake up extra early to pray and meditate.⠀

I want to connect with others so I go to places that I don’t know anyone and make myself vulnerable enough to meet new people. ⠀

All of these practices begin with discomfort. But, I refuse to stay comfortable any longer.⠀

I would love to hear of the ways you are journeying with the lovely companion of practice in your own life.

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Teresa Wolfe Contini
Teresa Wolfe Contini
13 ott 2019

I love the way you remind us that “practice” is our friend, and discomfort can lead to joy! One of the ways I ‘m practicing, is not keeping thoughts that are compliments about others to myself. Sometimes it as simple as thinking “she has a nice smile”, but why not just say it to the person even if you don’t know them? Usually when I do it sparks up a positive moment. They feel good, and so do I.

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