hey there

I'm Alexis!

While I was a stay at home mom I was designing, sewing and selling women’s clothing and needed to photograph all my pieces so I picked up a used camera on Craigslist for $300 and educated myself on how to use it right!


All through life I've been obsessed with organization and creating effective and creative systems. I used to take videos of myself organizing my room. (Nerd!)

I started doing photography for people I knew then my business grew. I became passionate about working with women who were working just as hard as I was and juggling multiple roles. And what I started helping them do was building a personal brand: a representation of not just what they do, but WHO they are..


My new friends needed, first and foremost, a team member to remind them of their strengths and value. Goodness, we can be hard on ourselves as women! And when we are ready to put ourselves out there we star doubting and getting afraid and thinking of all the reasons we shouldn't. So I remind women of all the reasons they SHOULD.

Secondly, they needed strategy. They needed unique and individualized plans to put in place to know how to build their brand and come out form behind what they were selling and show WHO THEY ARE and build connections that are genuine and engaging. So I developed a personal brand framework that I tailor for each woman that I work with to help her have a plan to proceed.

I help women cultivate confidence in their purpose, communication and representation to create a personal brand that shows their soul!


The transformation that I guide you through is professional AND


Now, does someone want to grab some great cheese with me and have a chat? 


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