hey there

I'm Alexis-

a photographer, Brand Strategist, mom, wife

and lover of life! 

I am a mutii-passionate morning girl who is obsessed with cheese and Mary Oliver. I have a life goal of visiting all our National Parks.and if I hear a beat playing, you can be sure to find me dancing. 



While I was a stay at home mom I was designing, sewing and selling women’s clothing and needed to photograph all my pieces so I picked up a used camera on Craigslist for $300 and educated myself on how to use it right!


All through life I've been obsessed with organization and creating effective and creative systems. I used to take videos of myself organizing my room. (Nerd!)

I started doing photography for people I knew then my business grew. I became passionate about working with women who were working just as hard as I was and juggling multiple roles. When I started focusing my photography towards taking pictures of those women, I quickly realized that my organizational and strategizing skills were needed.

That's how I created the Visual Strategy ad Brand Method, my signature design to help add clarity to your business so I can build a visual strategy plan that gets photos that help you make breakthroughs in your business.

I'm just a gal with a camera obsessed about strategy!


Ready to have a Brand strategist on your team to give your brand an authentic and warm touch? 

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