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It's time to make this about you

The idea of creating a brand for yourself or your business seems overwhelming and daunting, but you know to stay relevant and competitive, you need a brand.

Learn how to build all the fundamentals of your brand and how to effectively market your services or products so you can get to the next level of success with confidence and authority. 

Are you ready for a brandformation?

I was impressed by how much Alexis pushed me to dig deeper into what branding means to me and how it applies to my career. She got me to think of branding at its core which helped me with my overall business plan and why I am doing what I do. 



It's time for your Brandformation

My exclusive 6 week small group coaching to BUILD and MARKET your brand. 


what's included

  • 6 weeks of small group sessions

  • Voxer coaching in between sessions to support your development 

  • Exclusive Brand Foundational Guide

  • Tools and Resources to build your marketing plans


Week 1: The Heart of your Brand

Defining Your brand’s mission 

Outlining Your Brand Values

Week 3: Determining Your Unique Value & Competitive Edge

Performing an Effective Competitive Analysis

Generating Your Unique Brand Position 

Developing Your Brand Voice

Week 5: Understanding Your Ideal Client's Objections

Understanding Marketing

Marketing to Your Ideal Clients Using their Objections

Week 2: Redefining Your Ideal Client 

Building Targeted Ideal Client Profiles (in a way you’ve never done before!)

Redefining Your Services based on your ideal client's problems

Week 4: The Personal Side of Branding

How to incorporate yourself

 a way that relates to your ideal client but also feels authentic to your bran

Week 6: Create Connections that Lead to Customers 

Building your unique social media Content Pillars

Creating Lead Magnet to Build Your Email List

Types of Email List Sequences


All the details-

Price: $1111 (paid in 3 installments)

Dates: Thursday September 8,15,22,29

BREAK October 6

Thursdays: October 13, 20

Time: 4:30-5:30 PST 

Format: Presentation then Q&A time and group feedback from last week’s work

Classes recorded if you're unable to attend

Brandformation is for you if you-

  • feel stuck in the same routine and are  ready for another level of success

  • feel overwhelmed by the HOW and need guided support

  • needs accountability to get something off the ground

  • know the value of social media but don't know how to effectively market yourself as an actual business

  • don't understand how to fuse yourself and your business

  • lack confidence in what you share and putting your face to the brand

  • lack connection and want to build positive relationships with other people in business

  • look around and feel like everyone else has it together but you 

brand strategy

$350 down

plus two additional payments of $275

July 6th &20th 6pm

August 1st &15th 6pm

Only 5 spots available 
per session!


The upcoming sessions of Brandformation are in person sessions. But, if you're interested in future virtual sessions, add your name to the waitlist.


after brandformation you will

  • Have an itemized and structured brand foundation that is clear, cohesive and comprehensive

  • Have clarity and and a new focus tangible skills to implement 

  • Learn how to infuse yourself into your brand authentically

  • Grow a connected and engaged community

  • Have actionable tools and techniques to take your marketing to the next level

  • Have marketing categories that directly relate to your ideal client that focus on THEM not YOU

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Be able to transition your business to a brand 

  • Feel confident in your brand and business

  • Have a lead magnet that attracts new leads and builds an email list for a engaged audience


"As a busy business owner, I tend to be very scattered and overwhelmed with the amount of work I have on my plate. The moment Alexis stepped in to help me visually and clearly represent my brand; I knew I would be working with her long term. She was able to take so much off my plate! Prior to our session; I lacked understanding on how valuable this type of branding content actually is. I quickly saw that all other work paled in comparison. She is the master of her craft and the best choice I've made for my business thus far."
Brittany @Emerald Hearth Creations 

BrandFORMATION for Business

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