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The Lowlands: Italy Here and Now

It's been a low couple of weeks on my Italy Here and Now journey. I have just felt deflated and oddly enough it happened in the same way I was inspired.

That sent me in a tailspin. Why do I try to be so optimistic and enthusiastic sometimes? I felt like a fool. Then I got jealous of every person I saw traveling in Europe. Then I felt guilty for not being grateful for what I do have. It was a whirlwind of ickiness.

And that's where I'm at. Cycles of foolishness, jealousy and guilt. Repeat.

So it's not all positive rosy outlooks in my mind. And I don't know where my Italy Here and Now journey will evolve to. I know I'm not a quitter. I'm not a stay in the negative type of gal. But, I also am honoring journeys wherever they take me. So I'll sit here briefly and let you know where I go to next.


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