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The Inner Working of your Brand Assets

Your brand assets include all elements that are associated with your brand. This can include (but isn't limited to) your social media, logo, website, copy. content, visuals, videos etc... Anything that showcases your brand is a brand asset.

Having brand assets is one thing. But, understanding how they work together to bring awareness to your brand values is important. At the core of of each brand are 3 fundamental assets: logo, website and social media. Let me show you how they work in relationship to one another to help bring brand awareness.

Your logo is a mini showcase of who you are(brand personality), what you stand for(brand values) and what you offer (your expertise). It is a quick and brief experience of your brand. It creates both a visceral and visual response. People can be drawn to it or repelled by it. They can decide to work with you or not based on it. They will remember it for one reason or another or easily forget it. Some may think I'm giving a small item great of power. But, look at the power of branding over the years from giant companies to smaller, personal accounts you're invested in. They have lasting, recognizable power. Whether it's your name in simple lettering or an artistic graphic, your logo and brand should be one that your audience begins building an association to you through.

Your website is your home. And it's ALL yours. No matter what new social media trend is happening or where people are paying attention, you own your website. It's your space, designed your way where you answer to no one. It's the best expression of your brand values and services. It's a place where you can curate your best work, showcase your expertise and invite people inside on a curated experience of your brand. A website is essential. And if your website is the space you show people the best of yourself, it should be the best it can be. Websites can be expensive, yes, but there's a reason. It's easy to get one that is generic and basic, but what does that say to your audience? What does that say to the experience you are offering them? 'Invest in a website that shows your community and anyone visiting that you care about the experience they have with you and that you're willing to create a space that's enjoyable and showcases your brand values and personality.

If you create a great website, how do you get people to go there?

Social Media. If your website is the inside of your home, social. media is the front porch. It's where you greet your guests, give them a little 'hello' and invite them inside. Our social media accounts, whichever ones you use that's best for your audience, are the places where we build connections, network and nurture relationships. We give glimpses of our expertise and authority. We show people who we are and give them opportunities to encounter us as humans, not just providers of products or services. We work to build a community of people that we can share in a mutual connection with. And we use our platforms to bring people to our websites, our curated space, to learn more about us and see how we serve and provide.

I work with many clients who have various blocks against elements of these three components. And while I work with them to build a brand that is personalized and tailored to their individual brilliance, these 3 components are essential because they function cyclically and continually enrich the cycle of growth.

Invest in offering your community an experience that best represents you and your services or products!


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