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Breaking the Boundaries that Limit our Success

As women there are so many things that we do in our professional lives- we will work long hours or multiple jobs, we put in extra time or sacrifice money, we multi-task and juggle multiple roles, we give endlessly to those around us. My guess is if I asked most of you, you would say you are willing to do almost anything for the roles you serve.

But, we halt when it comes to sharing ourselves with our audience.

Because that is our truest, most authentic self. And it's easier to mask ourselves with WHAT we do and the roles and titles we have.

Or maybe we fear that what we do has already been done countless times, or better than we’re doing. So we just need to wait to grow in experience, get an advanced degree, buy a new product for your business, lose 10 lbs, find a niche.

At the root of all these scenarios is an issue most of us face-

We refuse to acknowledge and embrace the beauty and unique gifts we have.

And that ‘safe’ zone puts us in a box that completely limits our professional AND personal growth.

In this workshop on October 5th we will come together in an evening of sisterhood and sharing to create an action plan to:

-identify our fears that our limiting our growth

-examine what goals you want to pursue if fear wasn’t present

-construct new narratives to affirm our individual beauty, gifts and qualification

On top of the workshop, I’m taking headshots of everyone and you get 2-3 new headshots to start sharing with your audience in a new, confident way.

Space is limited.

Tickets available here.



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