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Lex Letters: Fall Favorites

I have been majorly crushing on some things and had to share them with you all.

Click the photo for the links to the products!

I always struggle to find good basics. This year, I got some basic T's from Aritzia and feel like I've finally found my foundational set. In particular, this lightweight but buttery soft turtleneck is absolute perfection. I find myself grabbing it quite a few days a week.

It's not thick but hugs the body nicely and tucks in really well to pants.

For reference, I ordered a Medium and my favorite color is Rich Mocha Brown. It's the perfect brown for fall and has a bit of a dark eggplant tone to it.

I also loved these two other basics from Arirzia this one and this one .

My oldest daughter turned me onto this next one. Every time she wore it I was like "What do you have on?!". So I finally got it and I can't stop wearing this color combo. This blush and its application is totally unique. This Patrick Ta blush is meant to be powder first THEN you add the cream over it for a dewy glow. It is so different than any other blush I've used. I got the shade "She's Blushing" and it's perfect for any skin tone. It's really buildable and lasts all day/

I love the idea of a cup of cozy and spiced chai tea. But, when I order it out it just is never exactly what I want. It's either too diluted, too sweet or too milky. And I always think "Why don't I like chai? It has my favorite flavor profiles?". When my sister and I were in Boston, I finally had one that hit perfectly. I came home and bought this Chico Chai and make my own concentrate at home so I can add the right amount of sweetness and not too much milk. I am so hooked on this. It's spiced perfectly has really helped me with that afternoon slump, especially with daylight savings!

My newest favorite lunch is this cottage cheese pizza bowl. I swear, if you close your eyes, it's like you're eating pizza. You have

to make this!

This coat.

THIS coat.

I saw it and thought it was the kind of coat that I had designed in my head and had never quite found in real life. It's perfection. Our local boutique, Jade Allen carries it and it's sold out many times. If you like it, call to order it!

Even though sometimes I try to branch out to a bolder lip color the truth is, I'm just a neutral, nude lip girl. Molly Sims suggested this combination and it really is fantastic. It starts with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk liner then with the Chanel Boy Lipstick. And for an even easier perfect, glossy nude lip, I am also loving this Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Lip Balm in Sense.

My final fall favorite that was a gift from a dear friend. I tried this and literally gasped in the shower. This foamy body wash is like NOTHING you've used. Think shaving cream texture meets milk meets the feeling of velvet luxury. This RITUALS Sakura Renewing Foaming Shower Gel is not a gel, it's not a foam, it's not a cream- it's magic. You don't want to leave the shower after putting this on.



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