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A Communion of Souls

My friend Mike Flynn from The Impact Entrepreneur interviewed me for his podcast. My first reaction was, "I think you sent the wrong person this text." But, turns out it was on purpose.

But, what I wanted to highlight here is why I do what I do, what photographing women in business does for ME. I don't think I understood it myself until Mike asked me and I responded.

I do this because I see myself in you.

I see my own vulnerability when you show me yours.

We unite in a communion of souls and you help ME grow into a better woman.

From the show notes-

"The one thing Alexis Meschi remembers dreaming about when she was a kid was to be a mom. But something she had to learn was that most dreams don’t come true overnight – and that the dreams we have when we’re young aren’t necessarily going to be what fulfills us in the long term.

Alexis struggled with a lot of the things we’re “supposed” to do early in our lives. She never did well in school, has no idea how she got into college, and was actually asked to leave college at the end of her third year because her GPA wasn’t up to scratch. The college said she could come back if she got her GPA up, but at the time, Alexis just didn’t think she was good at anything or had any gifts. So she ended up not going back to college, married her husband, and set out to fulfill her dream of being a stay-at-home mom. 

But her dreams were always getting bigger. She didn’t just want to be a stay-at-home mom; she wanted a career of her own. Alexis started blogging about sewing clothes for her girls, and it slowly grew into a business. She was asked to apply for Project Runway twice, which returned a lot of confidence that she lost in university. And after she taught for just a day as a substitute teacher, Alexis was inspired to get her four-year teaching degree – in just two years! 

While teaching, Alexis also picked up photography. So now, in addition to teaching, Alexis photographs women that are in business. She says it can be hard to have your picture taken, especially if you’re a woman, because women tell themselves false narratives all the time; there’s a lot of vulnerability and sometimes shame that comes with being photographed.

And Alexis continues to work on herself, too, on a constant mission to push herself out of her comfort zone and live her life to the fullest. She says, “I just knew that there was a mission that God had made for me and I was the only person that could fulfill that mission. And being comfortable was not going to achieve it.”

You can listen to the whole podcast here.



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