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Find Your Passion! Your service, your product, your message, your BRAND.

I finally found my passion when I was in my 30s.

It started with an instant moment where I KNEW I needed to be a teacher. And since then, my passions have continued to developed.

With my photography, the work that fulfills me most is working with women who are identifying the work they want to share with others.

For some, that's a product that we believe in. For others, it's a service we offer that we are qualified to provide. And for some, it's a message that we are deeply passionate about.

And your product, service or message in union with YOU, make up your personal brand.

In today's world, it isn't enough to just share what we do; we need to show part of who we are to be successful at the next level.

I started learning even more about this as I was working with women who needed photos. I realized that that they knew what they do but needed help figuring out how to share more with their audience. I was taking photos but there was a "What now?" moment after, like it was too big of a jump from where the journey started. And at that heart of all I do, I'm a problem solver! I love working with my own children, my students and my clients to create a plan for a solution.

Now, my photography has evolved to something very unique that I feel so strongly about. For my clients who want to build their brand, even before we talk about the photo shoot I consult with them to determine elements of their brand that they want to focus on. I have a customized guide that asks them to reflect on aspects of their journey and their dream goals for their brand. We meet, discuss, share and connect.

Only after the initial consultation do we plan a photoshoot that accurately reflects who they are, what they do and where they want to go in the future. And the beauty is that after that consultation, we've built a connection that provides a deeper level of comfort for the photo shoot.

Here's my encouragement to you-

1. Find your passion! We ALL have one. I didn't find mine until I was in my 30's so keep searching (boy that's a long story that someday I'll share!).

2. If you have a service, product or message that you're passionate about, whether or not it's your full-time gig, consider how you can advance that. If it's your heart-work, it deserves your energy!


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