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What is a personal brand?

You probably have a product, service or message that you can identify clearly.

But, WHAT is a personal brand?

A personal brand is putting YOUR name and face to your product, service or message.

“When narrative and visuals are merged together they can gauge or even entertain an audience. Throughout time storytelling has proven to be a powerful mechanism for sharing insights and ideas in a way that is memorable persuasive and engaging.” Forbes Magazine

I had a big turning point in my own photography business after listening to Jenna Kutcher, Episode 59 "Why you need a brand, not a business". I realized that if I wanted to grow and do more than just show people my photos, I needed to really think about my personal brand. I wanted to connect with a wider audience and become a part of a local community of women working to show their work, too. That's when I decided to shift my business to MORE. I did a ton of research and thought about the parts of my life I wanted to share with my audience that extended beyond photography. That's only one small piece of me! I drafted layouts and plans to decipher how I wanted to reach a larger community.

The way our world is comprised of social media, it’s imperative in today’s business to connect with our audience. Sharing parts of your story and life and giving a backdoor view to what you do and how you do it help your audience feel connected to you.

To do that well, you need great visual content. As a personal brand photographer I found that I was giving people content, but they struggled to know what that next step was. That's why I implemented a pre-consultation meeting, which includes a brainstorm where we identify not your just business brand, but elements of your personal life that you want to use to connect with your audience. I take all that information to create our photo content that is diverse and varied!

We talk about what type of photos we want to take, locations, outfits, accessories, props and every minor detail to make sure you get 100+ edited photos that are multi-faceted and varied to use in your storytelling.

Our photo shoots create a content portfolio that natural, beautiful and authentically YOU.

Our businesses are at the core of what we do. But, our brand is the US interwoven into our business and mission. And that personal brand is essential for optimal growth!


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