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We live in a world where we’ve been pushed to share a falsified version of ourselves and have marketed that as our best self.


I am here to break that counterfeit version of ourselves.


We limit the scope of our success and block connection when we give into the lies--

“I hate photos of myself.”

“I’ll just show my products or services, but not myself.”

“I don’t have anything real to share with my audience.”

“I’m content with where I am at and don’t need to grow.”

We work together as a team to break the boundaries that have limited your growth.

I want to know the heart of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.


I use our connection to photograph you as your purest self and grow in confidence

as a businesswoman and brand.

WE are made for MORE.


Women. My heart is with YOU.

Which are you?


“I have a clear understanding of what I’m selling or sharing and know exactly how I want to share it with my audience. I feel confident using social media to connect with my audience and market myself. I just need some fresh photos for my social media, PR or website.”


“I know what I’m selling or sharing with my

audience but I don’t exactly know how to share more of my voice with my audience. I need some photos of me doing my work, but I’m wondering exactly how I am going to use them. I am not really good at connecting with my audience on social media and it just seems overwhelming. I want to grow my brand more but I am confused as to where to start and how to get there. I need some clarity and direction with my pictures.”


“I am clear on what I’m selling or sharing with my audience but I am just starting out or need to make some BIG changes! I need photos of me doing my work, but then what?! My website is outdated and I don’t even have a logo I feel passionate about. I don’t know where to start with social media.  I really need some direction and help to figure out how to get going!”

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