" I knew alexis was the missing piece to my. She doesn’t just take your photos, she helps you create a BRAND with a purpose."

"Working with Alexis was the best decision I have made! From the very first time we sat down to discuss my business and what she has to offer, I knew she was the missing piece to my business. She doesn’t just take your photos, she helps you create a BRAND. A brand with a purpose. She met with me to do a branding session before our shoot together and discuss my vision and it truly made all the difference. She knew me, my brand and my vision BEFORE capturing my photos. She also found the most beautiful locations for us to shoot and helped with outfit suggestions and props. Not to mention, she makes you feel so incredibly confident behind the camera which is priceless. The turn around time for my photos was amazing! I definitely found my photographer and I can’t wait to book our next session!"

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