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Lex Letters: June Favorites

Here's a collection of my monthly obsessions. These are things I've been using that have become staples into my routine.

I love the Goop Unseen Sunscreen and it's the only one I use for my face now.. But, I wanted to find something for reapplication over makeup. I tired a powder one but didn’t like how it mattes my skin. I found this Re-Setting sunscreen spray which is basically like a fine mist make-sup setting spray. It adds SPF 40 that you can reapply through the day and it won’t mess up your makeup.

I am a salty water addict. It's like a margarita with no alcohol. I had been using another hydration stick that I got locally because it was easy but realized it had an ingredient in it that wasn’t good. Now I’ve tried Redmond ReLyte and LMNT and my body CRAVES these. I drink so much more water and I can tell it was a missing link in my health. I feel more energetic and clear. I love the Lemon-lime and Grapefruit flavors the best.

I can hardly wear heels anymore but wanted some for date nights and dress ups. I wanted a low heel that was actually comfortable on the front of your feet. These Schutz Fairy Mid Nappa shoes are PERFECT. They are comfortable but have a classic minimalist look. They have a raffia style that I’m eyeing, too!

I have tried so many different sauerkraut and even made my own for years. Wise Goat is the best I've tried. They also do gut tonics which I have been taking every morning and not only do I love the taste (like a spicy Bloody Mary) but it’s a great way to start a healthy day and feed your microbiome.

Ranchdo Meladuco dates are like candy. We’ve been date fans for a long time and these are the best. Their page gives amazing recipes, too. My favorite way to eat them is with almond butter. But, we actually use them to make a lot of healthy options instead of sugar.

I’m always searching for the perfect body oil. But it doesn’t absolve as well as a lotion so I toggle between the two. I found the gem between the two worlds of body hydration. Osea Anti-Aging body balm hydrates and absorbs but gives that slight oil glow. It smells light but fresh and earthy. I’m addicted to this stuff.

I swear I've spend hours- HOURS- searching for planners. This Productivity Planner from Ignite Change has been my absolute favorite so far. It's simple and uncomplicated but HIGHLY effective and keeps me super organized. I love that it infuses some mindset things and habit trackers. GET IT.

I love working in my beautiful bedroom space (I mean- check out this view!) I didn't want my bedroom to feel like an office so I wanted a small, minimalist, chic, well made, sit to stand desk (are all those too much to ask) and I found ONE from Human Scale. And it met all my needs. It's stylish and doesn't dominate a space. It has rollers so I can move it around my room and it is SO well made. It carries a hefty price tag but it FEELS worth it.

For my work from home days (most days now) I love a good, elevated lounge pant. Creams are my color palette but a lot of lounge pants look like pajamas. These harem pants from Vuori look like real pants and I love pairing it with a neutral top for a chic WFH look but super cozy all day.



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