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Building your brand with 

strategy & soul

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School's in session!

Build your brand with clarity, organization and authenticity so         can build an unshakeable foundation.     



This course is for      if you know that growth is essential. 



You've felt that tug for more before. 

But, this time is different. 


You've decided staying small isn't an option anymore. 

You're ready to push past the hesitations and move into a new place of growth

You know you need support and strategy, but don't want to lose the soul of who you are.

Does this sound like     ?


Maybe you’ve posted a picture or two of yourself that introduces what you do. But, you don't really have a strategy to incorporate yourself into your business.

Or maybe you're just starting out in your business and need guidance on creating a framework that takes all the important elements into consideration because you want to be optimally successful.

Maybe you've downloaded some freebies, bought a couple courses, but nothing sticks and you don't know how to be consistent. It all seems like a lot of work!


Here's what you need-

 a clear framework that takes into account 

There are hundreds of courses about the essential foundations to your business. And there are hundreds of courses about mindset shifts and conquering your fears. 


But, I don't believe we can separate the two and have longterm success.


I am convinced who we are as women is a dynamic part of what we do and my method infuses 



so failure isn't an option. 

Strategy & Soul.

strategy and soul

See what they've said

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Here's what you will learn in 


CLass 01

Identifying & Owning Your Journey

Identify key elements to include in your brand based on your personal journey that build your authority, connect with your audience and infuse your personality.

CLass 02

Creating Connection

Learn about why connection points are essential for distinguishing yourself from your competition. Design authentic and strategic audience 

connection points to create authentic engagement with your audience. 

CLass 03

personality punch

Develop your unique brand voice that is sync with your mission and what you offer to your ICA. You'll use a unique framework that will be a constant guide to your content and help you create cohesion in your content.

CLass 04

Visual Impact

Create a strong visual strategy that mirrors your brand voice and tone. You will get inspired and create a mood board to start aligning all the visual assets of your feed to your brand voice so your audience has a visual experience of who you are. 

Seamless strategy

Create Your Individual Brand Content Categories for easy posting on social media. Brainstorming these categories in my unique categories help you create content that reflects your mission and gives you a bank of things to always draw upon.

Class 06


Plan future promotional mapping and planning so you have a marketing plan to succeed from here on out. BONUS year long content calendar helps you make a plan that not just helps you be consistent, but helps you utilize successful marketing to be profitable and professional. 

CLass 05

Join the           that helps you strategically build a brand framework that has  strategy & soul. 

Each class has THREE videos that tell you:

1. Why the topic is significant to your brand framework.

2. How to incorporate it into your brand with clear examples.

3. An actionable homework step for you to do with a worksheet, template or editable form.


School's in session!

Build your brand with clarity, organization and authenticity so         can build an unshakeable foundation.